#100WCGU week 107 – wonder

This week the challenge prompt was ‘…as the world turned…’


She sat, mesmerised, watching as the world turned on its axis. She’d never seen anything like it, having never really left her town, and now here she was in the school hall, looking at the world in three dimensions. She never realised it was so big, so pretty. And all that blue – how much water was there everywhere? The poles were white, showing the limit of the ice caps and as the presenter zoomed in on one she had the overwhelming feeling of flying. Closer and closer they went, until features that had been merged became clearer and they were suddenly looking at penguins.



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2 responses to “#100WCGU week 107 – wonder

  1. What a unique take on this prompt. Reminds me of some exciting learning experiences in my own school days — many, many, many years ago.


  2. What a lovely journey you take us on through the eyes of a child.


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