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100WCGU #111 – Beautiful

This week the challenge was ‘…the sun streamed through…’


It was so beautiful, she thought, as she made her way through the woodland, kicking at the piles of fallen leaves. The sun streamed through the gaps in the trees, making the spiders webs sparkle with the early dew and highlighting the brambles on the ground.

She found a space to sit in the clearing, a long fallen tree having been crafted into a bench by one of the forest wardens. And as she sat, lost in her thoughts and enjoying the peace, a deer wandered into the clearing. She jolted back to the now, causing the creature to turn and run for cover.



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week 8 – exhausted!

So, my final week of my first half term as KS5 manager was long and exciting, but did I need the holiday at the end!

I am immensely grateful that I work with such a healthy bunch of staff, very little cover to organise this half term which makes life easier all round.

Monday was a normal teaching day, apart from trying to work out which of the two interviews I had on Wednesday I would attend…in the end my HT agreed to move mine to Thursday.

Tuesday I was teaching in the morning, we had quite a nice time in the swimming pool and English lessons run themselves, my TAs are so efficient. In the afternoon I went across to our local MLD school to do some outreach work with their Science Teacher who is not doing so well. It was right back to my AST days and I really enjoyed it. The lesson was chaotic, but with a few tweaks in terms of introducing small demos and practicals I think that the majority of them learned something about the composition of air. Crazy day, then back to my school for SLT meeting, this week we were completing the school calendar (better late than never!), having a look at appraisals and finding out a bit more about what OFSTED  might expect to see from a SLD school.

The first of the two interviews was on Wednesday, at the MLD school. I know a few people there from various staff trainings and visits over the years and so it wasn’t too daunting to start with. I taught a KS3 Science lesson on dissolving. The TA was new to the class, and clearly not very confident in Science either. I was aware that how I managed the TA was part of the observation, but she was not very responsive…and wasn’t listening how to do the dissolving sugar experiment. I’ve never seen anyone add the water to the sugar before! Still…then I had a written task to do, prioritising a list of occurrences and then two longer answers ‘What would you do if….’. These were clearly written for me as I’ve had to tackle both scenarios this half term! Finally, the interview. There was supposed to be two hours between the written task and the interview, but as one of the candidates did not turn up I got to go in earlier. I am never very good at selling myself or giving particularly long answers, but one of the interviewers was involved in setting up the AST scheme all those years ago and so we were able to have quite a chat about what I did in that role.  I was still finished well within the allotted time, and convinced that I hadn’t given good enough answers. There were still others to be interviewed, so home I went and an hour later received a call offering me the AHT (Inclusion) post. So very happy at this. I’ve learnt a lot at my current school, but I’ve also realised that I can’t change the things that need changing and so it’s time to move on.

Wednesday evening was Parent’s Evening and to be honest I felt like a spare part. I haven’t had the chance to meet many of my parents yet, and it was a bit awkward to be asking who all these adults were! The news of my new job had beaten  me back to school and I spent the evening being hit for leaving and then hugged. Confusing.

Thursday was three more Annual Reviews and SLT meeting followed by INSET. I shalln’t miss Thursdays, they are draining.

Friday I taught. Well, I was meant to, I’d planned to, but the head of the KS (I’m teaching out of my KS just to make things interesting) decided in the morning meeting that the day was to be put over to carving pumpkins. Yes, it was nice to be asked (or even told by the person I share my office with….)

And how tired was I on Friday evening? I honestly could have curled up and gone to sleep forever. But, half a term of  management is done, and in 7 weeks I get to move to another new job….

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Week 7 – hectic

Another busy week. So busy, I’ve forgotten most of it! Teaching continues to go well. I love being in the classroom, and enjoy the opportunity to work with many students and support staff across the school. I’ve had to attend a child protection case conference this week. Took longer than expected and was exhausting. I’m hoping we came to the right solution for the family, time will tell…

Annual reviews went well again, as did the two slt meetings. We’ve done our recording for the half term and I’ve supported various colleagues in various ways with this. They all tell me I’m doing a good job…but that self doubt is always there.

I’ve been short listed for both of the jobs that I applied for, despite still not feeling grown up and serious enough to be an aht. Both interviews are on the same day next week, so it really is decision time.

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100WCGU #108 – Fear

This week, the cue for the 100 word challenge was ‘fall’


It’s my biggest fear, falling. It’s not that I don’t like heights. If I’m up high with something to hold on to, I’m fine. It’s just when things are less balanced that I get worried, scared, and I can’t cope.

Escalators. Dangerous things. It only takes one person pushing past to unbalance me and bring to mind images of falling dominoes.

So why on Earth did I decide to learn to play ice hockey? I tried, I really did, but the fear of going over when anyone got close was too much. It overwhelmed the freedom of being on the ice.

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#100WCGU week 107 – wonder

This week the challenge prompt was ‘…as the world turned…’


She sat, mesmerised, watching as the world turned on its axis. She’d never seen anything like it, having never really left her town, and now here she was in the school hall, looking at the world in three dimensions. She never realised it was so big, so pretty. And all that blue – how much water was there everywhere? The poles were white, showing the limit of the ice caps and as the presenter zoomed in on one she had the overwhelming feeling of flying. Closer and closer they went, until features that had been merged became clearer and they were suddenly looking at penguins.


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