Week three- @ASTSupportaali

This sums up my feelings at the moment too!


Three weeks now completed…and the question I am finding myself repeatedly asking Kelly (my Fiancé) is ‘…but am I actually doing anything…!’ Let me explain…

Am I doing anything?

Being an Assistant Head naturally I am on a reduced timetable. Therefore, I have more time to be out and about and meeting my teams and so on. However, I have found that with a reduced timetable it also means:

  • FEWER lessons to plan/create/resource
  • FEWER books/essays to mark
  • FEWER DTs/Homeworks to track
  • FEWER tracking/assessing/reporting
  • FEWER conversations with parents/exam boards/moderators
  • FEWER creative/innovative/new and engaging activities have to be dreamt up
  • AND SO ON…

Obviously with the reduction in those things there is an increase in A LOT OF OTHER THINGS… BUT;


Reason I keep asking is because I seem to be constantly just setting tasks, asking for information, reviewing practices, improving and editing. I seem to be asking for lots of things to be…

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