Write down every last little detail in your planning

The Modern Miss

I am a supply teacher. I get called in to work in schools when the regular class teacher is away. Often this is at short notice, covering for staff sickness. That is, short notice to me, as well as to the school.

This short notice results in two things: I’m often rushing to arrive at a school by 9am, and the school are trying to get things prepared to enable me to teach the classes I’m covering.

When I do arrive, at 9:05, I’m ushered through the school with an A4 sheet clasped tightly in my hands, detailing my movements for the next 6 hours or so. Sometimes that’s all I get, I’ll call that Scenario A.

On other occasions, I get handed a few papers with basic planning on them, sometimes with copies of resources to be used. That’s Scenario B.

The last option, of course, is Scenario C.

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