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Week three- @ASTSupportaali

This sums up my feelings at the moment too!


Three weeks now completed…and the question I am finding myself repeatedly asking Kelly (my Fiancé) is ‘…but am I actually doing anything…!’ Let me explain…

Am I doing anything?

Being an Assistant Head naturally I am on a reduced timetable. Therefore, I have more time to be out and about and meeting my teams and so on. However, I have found that with a reduced timetable it also means:

  • FEWER lessons to plan/create/resource
  • FEWER books/essays to mark
  • FEWER DTs/Homeworks to track
  • FEWER tracking/assessing/reporting
  • FEWER conversations with parents/exam boards/moderators
  • FEWER creative/innovative/new and engaging activities have to be dreamt up
  • AND SO ON…

Obviously with the reduction in those things there is an increase in A LOT OF OTHER THINGS… BUT;


Reason I keep asking is because I seem to be constantly just setting tasks, asking for information, reviewing practices, improving and editing. I seem to be asking for lots of things to be…

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Write down every last little detail in your planning

The Modern Miss

I am a supply teacher. I get called in to work in schools when the regular class teacher is away. Often this is at short notice, covering for staff sickness. That is, short notice to me, as well as to the school.

This short notice results in two things: I’m often rushing to arrive at a school by 9am, and the school are trying to get things prepared to enable me to teach the classes I’m covering.

When I do arrive, at 9:05, I’m ushered through the school with an A4 sheet clasped tightly in my hands, detailing my movements for the next 6 hours or so. Sometimes that’s all I get, I’ll call that Scenario A.

On other occasions, I get handed a few papers with basic planning on them, sometimes with copies of resources to be used. That’s Scenario B.

The last option, of course, is Scenario C.

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100WCGU #103

The prompt for this week was ‘silence’.


There is no such thing as silence in my house.  Living in a mid terrace near a busy city centre and the railway line sees to that most of the time. Even in the middle of the night, when you turn off everything and sit in the darkness, it is not silent. There’s the fridge, for starters, and then there’s noises from next door, even when everyone else is supposed to be asleep. With the wind in the right direction, the noise of freight trains going up and down the line drifts across and there are always taxis coming along the road.

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