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Gromit Unleashed, Bristol

One of the challenges I set myself at the start of the year was to visit Gromit Unleashed.

I’ve just come back from three days in Bristol with my Mum, staying in the Hilton Garden Inn (nice) and walking mostly.

We saw 53 of the 80 Gromit statues that are out there, walking about fifteen miles over the three days (that’s not far, really), and exploring a lot of Bristol as we went. It was a lovely way to see the city and to talk to people around the place. Some of the statues were quite well hidden, others were more popular, with people queuing to take photos.

Just some of my photos here, I took at least one of each statue!

DSCF2242 20130814_110405 20130814_111132 20130814_124323 20130814_134132 DSCF2166 DSCF2173 DSCF2180 DSCF2185 DSCF2188



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100WCGU #101 – Neighbours

This week, the prompt from 100 word challenge is ‘after all the excitment…’


After all the excitement, it wasn’t working out so well. The new neighbour had been preparing his house for living in for the past three years. She’d grown used to the intermittent DIY and the long months of silence. Ok, it was cold in the winter, but not hearing other people was quite pleasant.
She’d got bored of that though, and was longing for some company again, to hear the noises of living from somewhere nearby. It was a situation made worse by the long summer holiday. He was there now, all moved in. Music turned up to the max all day and all night.

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