100WCGU #100 – ‘Camping’

This week, the 100 word challenge reached 100 weeks. This means that the challenge for the week was to write a piece where every line starts with the letter ‘c’ (Roman numeral for 100, of course!)


‘Careful!’ he exclaimed as she struck the match for the first time. ‘You must be careful with those. Dangerous things.’
‘Condescending little man’, she thought, as she continued with what she was cooking. Beans, sausages and pasta was hardly challenging, but it was all her camping stove could cope with.
Concentrating, she moved the sausages off the heat and put the pasta on. Eating cooled sausages wouldn’t hurt him, besides, chopping them and mixing with curried beans and pasta would keep them warm. He’d asked for pudding. On camp, for goodness sake. It would have to be cold custard.


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5 responses to “100WCGU #100 – ‘Camping’

  1. cursory comments are completely unwanted… but I bet the chef ended up with compliments nonetheless! Well done! 🙂


  2. I would definitely leave him in the woods to cook for himself.


  3. He’s some kinda lucky! I wouldn’t be so kind, I don’t think!
    My response to the prompt: http://www.aliciaaudrey.com/blog/100wordstory-checkmat/


  4. Demanding little so and so. She ought to leave him in the woods.


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