STEM session 6 – Midlands Air Museum

Last Friday saw our final STEM session of the year – and what fun it was!

The day was sunny and warm, which was good as the plan that our STEM Ambassador, Ken, had was to show us around Midland Air Museum, where he is a volunteer and which is just down the road from our school.

He was joined by Gordon, another of the volunteers there. Gordon saw active service and flew Mosquitos. Between them they were very knowledgeable and were able to communicate well with our pupils, managing the tangential questions that they ask so well.

We started with lunch in the shade of the largest plane, the Argosy. The first trick for this plane was that it’s nose opens up to let the cargo in! All of the pupils climbed aboard and those that could climbed into the cockpit to discover that the radio was still receiving and that none of the other switches worked (phew).

We continued our walk around the museum, looking at various parts of planes, naming them and recalling how they work. We also sat in a helicopter and went up into the cockpit of the Vulcan. Wow, that’s tiny, more so with seven people squashed up there!

To link in to a flight or history topic, this place is worth a visit. The volunteers really do know their stuff!

And a HUGE thank you to Ken for all his hard work this year!

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