100WCGU #96 – thoughts from the bench

The prompt for this weeks 100 word challenge

Look at them, standing in a row. It’s like they are waiting for a bus. That one on the far right, he’s seen the joke and he’s laughing that no one told the bin on the other end that it was a green day and not a grey day. I bet he feels silly, with the wrong clothes on, standing out in public view like that. Still, the others don’t appear to have noticed. They are watching very carefully for something to happen. A seagull to steal someone’s sandwich perhaps, or to poo on their heads when they aren’t looking.



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3 responses to “100WCGU #96 – thoughts from the bench

  1. Oh my – how embarrassing – great story


  2. That made me smile.


  3. Taochild

    That sounds like something that happened to me! haha


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