100WCGU week #95 – pink nails

The text to include in the 100 Word Challenge this week was ‘..Pink nails?’ she cried. Here’s my offering


The home-school diary read ‘Attended pamper club at lunchtime’. Mum wondered what that meant. ‘What it says’, came back the reply. ‘We do pampering.’ Mum breathed a sigh, at least there was no visible sign of this pampering, apart from maybe a slightly altered hair style. She thought nothing of it until bathtime.

Having run the water with lots of bubbles, it having been swimming as well at school today, it wasn’t until they were getting dry that she noticed. ‘But…Pink nails?’ she cried? ‘Who did this?’

‘I told you, Mum, pamper club’, came back the response from Mark. ‘I like it on my toes’


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