100WCGU#91 – No messing

100 word challenge this week gave the stimulus ‘…there’s always a sting in the tail…’


‘Take care when dealing with your fellow Scorpio. They are passionate, hard-working and loyal, but mess with them and there’s always a sting in the tail.’

So read Claire’s horoscope that morning, and her thoughts turned, as ever, to Rod. Both Scorpios, both feisty and argumentative, but making up was always amazing. Today though, there was some serious making up to do. A surprise party had been organised, against her better judgement, and things had not gone well. In fact, Rod had not come home that night. The message he sent read ‘I’ve found someone else.’

She took the scissors from the kitchen and headed upstairs.



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3 responses to “100WCGU#91 – No messing

  1. Enjoyed this one! Feisty indeed.


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