Holiday diary/walking and trains

At least, I think it’s Tuesday.
So, despite the best efforts of the weather forecasters I just about managed to stay dry today. I decided to take a chance on the weather and walked along the south west coast footpath, from Par to Charlestown. Of course, I stopped on beaches on the way, and to enjoy the view. At Charlestown I went in to the Shipwreck museum. It was good, but too many exhibits in too small a space and an overwhelming need of a red pen or two. Still…


I then walked in to St Austell, but wasn’t feeling like shopping, so it was straight to the station. I realised it was far too early to return to the hotel so I got on the train the other way and went all the way to Penzance. On the train journey I had the misfortune of a drunk man talking to himself on one side and a couple arguing about how often they see each other in front. Out of the window, the best thing today was the old tin mines. Next time…

On arrival in Penzance I still wasn’t feeling the shopping. So I decided that the best course of action was to walk to St Michael’s Mount across the bay in Marzilion. Along the beach I went at quite a pace, splashing through the water. Was fun, but two miles of beach walking hurts. I had enough time to take some photos of the castle and buy an ice cream before turning around and back to Penzance to get the train home. I reckon I’ve walked 10 miles, on two separate parts of the coastal path. Tired now.

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