Holiday diary/Eden project


Today I headed to the Eden Project. I will have more to say when I get home I’m sure, especially with some photos and perhaps a fit of jealous rage that I do not live close enough to bring my class (teachers, eh, always working).

I’m staying in Par, which according to the blurb is 4 miles from the project. Actually, when walking it is more like 2.5 miles, so having checked the map on the wall, and committing the route to memory – cycle path #2 if you’re interested – I was off. It was a pleasant walk, with a rather steep section in the middle. First viewing of the biomes came quite late into the walk but was most spectacular. There was no queue to get in and I glut the walkers discount which made it even better. First, since the weather was good, I explored outside. It’s lovely, there’s been a lot of work gone in to the project with a wide range of planting and sculpture to look at. Soon enough, I’d reached the bottom of the clay pit and entered the biomes, starting of course with the rainforest. Fortunately, the realism stops with the plants so there were no leaches. Phew. I had a melt down about them when I was in the real rainforest. The temperature is right, and there is a ‘cool room’ if needed but I couldn’t help thinking that people need to just take their coats off! The high walk was closed, so it was time for lunch. Cooked on site with local ingredients, lovely. Then back to do the high walk. Maybe when the trees are even bigger it will be better, it just made the biome look a little empty.

Next stop was the mediterranean biome. I was disappointed. It seemed to be mostly restaurant, but I guess it was busy because the rain had started and that wasn’t helping. Back outside, I completed the rest of the gardens. A bit of rain doesn’t stop me. There were some stunning gardens, and the building called ‘the core’ has a fascinating roof that actually channels and collects the rain water.

My undoing was the shop. Yes, I’ve bought more plants for the garden, but they are only little! A beautiful shop with so many lovely things…and then I had to walk home in the rain. Suffice to say I was doing my best drowned rat impression on return to the hotel, but it didn’t take long to dry off. As I write, multitasking with dinner, it’s still raining, so I shalln’t be heading to the beach this evening.

As I said, a more Eden Project pros/cons will arrive later, along with some photos.


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