100WCGU #90 – Gardening

This week, the challenge gave the words ‘…the points were sharp…’

She smiled as she opened the parcel. There, inside, were a brand new spade and fork for the garden. She hefted the spade from hand to hand and then took the fork. The points were sharp – just what she needed. She headed out to tackle the jungle that the garden had become in recent years. First, she sought out the little trees that were growing everywhere. Left alone the roots were going to cause problems. She used the fork to ease them out, shaking the spare soil back as she’d once watched her parents do. Soon it would look like a garden again.



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3 responses to “100WCGU #90 – Gardening

  1. Nice take on this prompt — something normal and sane is very welcome, considering so many of us have a tendency to write rather strange things for some of these prompts. I like this very much. It’s hopeful and happy.


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