100WCGW #89 – Pooh Sticks

This week the 100 word challenge has a photo prompt.


There they stood, without a care in the world, watching the water moving past them like their lives depended on it. They were playing ‘Pooh Sticks’, a game that their Grandfather had taught them to play, although he wasn’t with them today.
First, they had selected the best sticks they could find, trying in some way to pick a unique shape so that they could tell which was theirs on the other side. Then, they had dropped them over the other side of the bridge, before rushing to where they now stood, watching to see who would be the winner.



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4 responses to “100WCGW #89 – Pooh Sticks

  1. I love playing pooh sticks, and have taught both my children to play it too. A lovely piece.


  2. I only noticed that there is possibly a bridge on the left of the photo after reading this. Good observation. And I love Pooh Sticks.


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