STEM session 5 – naming parts of a plane

We had out last school based visit from our STEM ambassador today.

Building on all the work that we’ve been doing on flight, including how wings work, forces and the distances involved in travelling at great speed as well as making and flying paper aircraft, today we put together our own (plastic) planes and had to name the various parts.

Ken had prepared labels and is finally getting to grips with the low level of ability of our pupils. They tried hard with reading some very challenging words, and with the use of the models we were all able to name some parts of the plane and ‘fly’ it, showing what technical terms such as pitch, yaw and banking actually look like.

He’s now set us two challenges. The first is to complete a wall display about everything that we’ve learned over the year. We’ve started one and just need to add to it for this final session. The other is for me to work out which of the bits we’ve learned we are going to recap on when we go to the Air Museum down the road from school at the end of term.

It’s amazing how quickly an hour long session goes when you’re all engaged in what is happening!


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