100WCGU #88 – eighteen year old promises

This week, the 100 word challenge was …parting is such sweet sorrow…

Thinking about the time of year, y11 and Y13 students going off into the world it seemed appropriate


and parting is such sweet sorrow

how could we stay after all that had gone before

and how could we go knowing all that was still to happen.


but part we must

the sorry moment was helping no one.


too many tears, too many fond goodbyes

knowing, deep down, that we were making promises

which could only be broken.


‘keep in touch’, ‘see you soon’

‘best friends for always’, ‘be there for you’.


once we’d gone our separate ways

all that remained was a year book, a shirt with messages on

a phone number.


and at Christmas we’d pass on the street like near strangers


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One response to “100WCGU #88 – eighteen year old promises

  1. All our good intentions of staying in touch seem to flounder as lives become busier and busier. This is so true to life.


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