100WCGU Week #87

This week’s challenge was ‘…the hairs on my arms stood up…’

Sometimes, I scare myself with my writing!


The hairs on my arms stood up. There he was, walking into the room. It was years since I’d seen him, since that misunderstanding, since I’d said no and he’d heard yes. My blood ran cold and I shivered as if someone had walked over my grave.

I had two choices. I could turn and leave and let him spoil an otherwise amazing day, or I could face him, and lay that particular ghost to rest. He noticed me, and raised his eyebrows in greeting, the way he always had. He was heading my way. Heart pounding, I turned. Ran. Today was not the day for confrontation.



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3 responses to “100WCGU Week #87

  1. Helen Rogerson

    Really good!


  2. Ann

    Well written. Could feel the tension. Not easy in 100 words.


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