To catch a criminal…

At the moment, my science plus class are studying the csi unit. We’ve got crime scene clothing and procedure sorted and have much fun taking and looking at our fingerprints. Today, we were looking at dna.
Now, this is fairly challenging at the best of times, so we kept it simple – ‘it’s the thing that makes you how you are, and you share some with family, which is why you look the same, but no one has the same as you.’
I wanted to look at how we use dna to catch a criminal, so we made our own, very simplified version.


We had 4 colours and gave ourselves 12 lines. Once coloured, I cut them in half, keeping one and returning the other to the pupil. I then picked my criminal dna, which we had to match and find the owner. I am aware of the limitations of this model, but for a class mostly working below nc level 1 I think that they have grasped the ideas that we have our own patterns and that we can match the patterns to catch criminals.


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