Safety Week

We’ve had ‘Safety Week’ at school this week.

On Wednesday, the fire brigade came in – the pupils had a talk on what to do if they find a fire, how to be safe in their homes and what firemen wear. We then got the chance to sit on a fire engine and of course, use the hosepipes.  We followed this up in the classroom with this interactive resource. It was interesting to see what pupils felt was dangerous and the reasons that they gave.

On Thursday, it was the police. They again told us about their role in the community, let pupils try on their uniforms and then we had the chance to sit in a police van and try to hold a riot shield. We spent the afternoon talking and writing about what we had learned so far, and looked at a powerpoint about the sorts of things that the police do. We then headed outside to practice crossing the ‘road’ – safe to say, none of them can do it safely on their own! The final part of Thursday involved recalling Science week and launching the Rokit. We were joined by three other classes to do this – it was great fun.

On Friday we spent some time talking about parts of the body that we should and shouldn’t let others touch. Best response of the day:

Me – L are you allowed to touch E’s boobs?

L – er, yes

E – (shouts) no, I’ll hit you!

I’m so glad that at least some of my pupils are aware of appropriate touch, and what to do it about it if they don’t want to be touched.

Then the nurse came in with her ‘germ machine’ – a UV lamp and some fluorescing cream – to see how well the pupils washed their hands. Answer – badly. This naturally lead on to a discussion about personal hygiene (showering and teeth cleaning).

We finished up the week with a celebration assembly where all the classes displayed their work from the week – it looked amazing.


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