#NSEW 2013 – Flight

Following on from the STEM sessions that we have been running in school, I decided to make the theme for Science Week ‘flight’.
Every class was given one of these, null one of these per base, nulla pile of these null and asked to spend some time looking at forces with a focus on flight. Oh, I almost forgot, they also had access to a pile of forces related experiments as well.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s traditional that during Science Week we have a visiting expert to enhance the work that the pupils are doing in class. Now, it’s not easy finding someone to bring a plane to school, but I knew someone who could. Well, almost.

The secondary school that I used to teach at is currently building a plane. Yes, a real one. As part of their process, they got hold of a crashed light aircraft and turned it into a flight simulator. (You can follow their progress on http://www.twitter.com/egbuildaplane) So, I asked nicely, and was allowed to borrow it for two days. Over that time, nearly 100 pupils and many staff had a turn at flying the simulator. Some soon learned it could be crashed, and this was way more fun than flying! Others proved surprisingly good at flying and even our most PMLD pupils were helped to have a go and enjoyed the experience of sitting in a cockpit, hearing the noises and seeing the countryside go sailing past.

In fact, it’s been such a success that everyone is asking when we’re going to have it again – and I’m going to have to negotiate something for the summer term I think.

Safe to say, Science Week is a triumph this year!



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