#100wcgu – Week 81

It’s that time again…100 Word Challenge, and this week the phrase was ‘…the unseasonal weather meant…’


They wanted to go camping. Over and over they asked their mother if they could PLEASE go camping. She said, ‘when the weather gets a bit warmer’. They negotiated for the Easter holidays, it should be ok by then to sleep out in the garden, surely? The sisters planned a midnight feast, although their mother knew that they would both be fast asleep by then.

Come the Easter holiday, the tent was found out, sleeping bags aired. Sadly, the unseasonal weather meant camping out was not an option, so they put up the tent in the front room and spent the night there instead.


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2 responses to “#100wcgu – Week 81

  1. jabbersville

    Can you believe snow at Easter, truly bonkers. Nice piece.


  2. The Real Cie

    Ha–I’d like camping in the front room better than camping outdoors any day!


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