STEM session 4

We recently had our fourth visit from our STEM ambassador, Ken. This time, we were looking at how planes fly (a bit tricky for SLD pupils, it must be said).

We started off trying to get balloons to fly around the classroom, and talked about what was making them move. We then had a look at propellers propeller which was interesting in terms of which pupils (and staff) could make it fly! I learnt that spin it one way, it goes up and spin it the other way it goes down. I still can’t make it fly either way though…

We then moved on to looking at a toy car with a small propeller on the top and a battery to make it move. Sadly, the force exerted wasn’t enough to show on our smallest Newtonmeter.

The pupils found it really hard this time, but we were able to link in a little bit to recent work on forces (push, pull, gravity) and to start to look ahead to our Science Week visit of a flight simulator, borrowed from our local secondary school.


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