100WCGU week#80

100 word challenge for grown ups from here, with ‘…despite the pounding in my head…’ as the initial stimulus


Despite the pounding in my head, I knew it was for the best. At my age, the body takes that bit longer to recover, and I’d already pushed it to the limits. That heavy bass line, the non stop boom, boom, boom was going to play havoc with my tinnitus for days to come, and once again I hadn’t drunk enough.

A gig induced headache and ringing in the ears was enough to send me home. It wasn’t quite the way I had intended to spend my birthday, but I was having fun and was reluctant to leave. After all, I had work in the morning.



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2 responses to “100WCGU week#80

  1. It’s amazing how as we get older our body responds differently to stimulus.


  2. The last time I drank to much I made a promise to myself that I never would again. I think Im to old. I hope you had a nice birthday.


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