100 wcgu #78

This week’s 100 word challenge for grown ups was ‘…what does it taste like…’

I’m sorry if you are easily offended…


I can’t believe I’m writing this. It’s one of those things that happens to new-ish teachers, and then once you’ve laughed in class you move on, without sharing.
Picture the scene. Year 7 sex ed lesson. We’re talking about how women get pregnant.
‘Miss, is it true that you can get pregnant if you swallow sperm?’ asks one girl.
‘No, of course not’, I say, and as I turn back to the board to show her again what happens I add under my breath ‘but it doesn’t taste very nice.’

The cheeky lad at the front heard, didn’t he. ‘So, what does it taste like?’


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  1. Oh my. Too funny!


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