Cadbury World – learning opportunities

for SEN (SLD) pupils

  • Science – heating/melting/making chocolate
  • History – of chocolate and of Cadbury with a bit of Victorians and Aztecs thrown in
  • PHSE – staying in a group, being around strangers, being in a strange place
  • Maths – paying in the shop with support from the VERY helpful staff
  • English – reading the signs and information boards at whatever level
  • PE/motor skills – there’s a lovely adventure playground… and a few stairs

For PMLD pupils

  • smell – the chocolate smell is everywhere!
  • touch – the warm pipes carrying the chocolate, molten chocolate. There’s a part of the Cadabara ride that gets very cold and windy. The ‘how to make chocolate’ section has lots of things going on, including a vibrating bench
  • taste – chocolate – with bits in
  • sight – lots of bright adverts to look at, lots to see all the way around
  • hearing – again, lots going on. Tropical thunderstorm noise in the Aztec section

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