STEM Session 3

So, a new term and it’s back to ‘Flight’ with, as one of our students calls him, ‘the pilot’. Ken isn’t a pilot. He works for JLR and volunteers at the local air museum. However, he’s doing well at sharing his love of flight with ten of our most able students.

This week, we looked at how much ‘pull’ you need to move a mass. This started with each of us getting weighed, and then sitting on a chair with wheels. The pupils took it in turns to pull us using a Newtonmeter, and I was in charge of recording the results. We also tried on a different surface (plastic instead of carpet) and saw that this made things easier.

Then came the tricky bit. We had to plot the data, not as a bar chart, but as a line graph. This was beyond most of the pupils, although a couple started to get the hang of it, so it involved quite a lot of moving around the room, finding numbers and then helping pupils work out where to put the cross. The line of best fit was the easy bit, and we already knew that heavier people take more pulling!

To round off the session, we made gliders and launched them around the room. They weren’t too keen to go in a straight line, and I think I’ve mentioned before about the difficulties some of my pupils have with coordination. The pupils enjoyed it, and all took their planes home to show their parents.


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