100 Word Challenge GU #75

Starting with the photo here, 100 words from the perspective of one of those really tiny people.

-Wow, it’s a long way down, and how on earth is this walkway staying up? I can’t see any supports.
-I’m hot. Where did those birds come from?
-They look like seagulls to me. They are quite a long way in land though. Do you think they came looking for food?
– Oo, food. I’m hungry, can we have dinner?
-No not, yet. It’s not lunch time. Look at those cliffs. And all the lovely layers. All laid down over millions of years. It’s so big, I can’t see the end.
-I’m scared, I need a wee. Where’s the toilet?


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3 responses to “100 Word Challenge GU #75

  1. Your dialog is great – so realistic, especially the last line! Little kids will bring you down to earth, ready or not.


  2. How the majestic dissolves into where’s the toilet/I’m hungry/I’m bored!
    Very life-like.


  3. Terrific conversation. Very real.


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