ASE Conference

A much delayed post on the sessions that I attended at the ASE Conference. Some were great. Others, sadly not so good. This was partly due to presenting, partly due to ambiguous content in the programme.

I attended the conference on the Friday to take part in various sessions, which I recorded with Evernote and shared on Twitter at the time.

The first session was about using Online technology to enhance CPD. Now, I will be biased here because the reason that I attended the session was because I had been a participant in something that Emily and John from NSLC were going to be talking about. I found it a useful hour and we discussed how important dialogue is in CPD. There were people in the room who wanted to use video conferencing to train teachers in Africa – a great use of the tech!

The second session, bearing in mind the discussion of the previous and that I was missing the #asetu to attend, was very disappointing. It was one of several primary focussed outdoor learning sessions and promised so much from the programme. Sadly, the presenter didn’t draw breath to allow us to ask questions, didn’t find out who we were and where we came from and generally just talked us through an extensive list of things you could do outdoors. I know about things to do outdoors with my class, thank you, I was hoping for ideas of how to put it into the curriculum and schemes of work so that everyone will do the same. How to use an outdoor learning opportunity to cover more than one subject area, cross curricular thinking, for instance. Sadly that was lacking and I left frustrated. From my notes, there were some good ideas shared, it was just the method of delivery that got to me. You need to forward plan before taking your class out, share information across the school to encourage it. Perhaps start with making sound trails, making instruments with things you find outside. Look for things growing where you wouldn’t normally expect.Think about questions that pupils should answer while outside, for instance.

I then attended the NSLC Keynote Lecture on Space Exploration. It was interesting, but won’t inform my teaching really. Perhaps the most interesting thing from that point of view was the videos of space and the reminder that NASA has an awful lot on line.

Final session of my day was CSciTeach – how to get it! I have already got RSci, more to prove to myself that I was still learning than anything and I see gaining CSciTeach to be an extension of this. Useful questions were asked and answered and I’m more confident to ‘go for it’ now. I’ve even started keeping a record of my CPD. That’s a job for February half term.


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