100 Word Challenge #74

From 100 Word Challenge, this week’s words were ‘…the extreme weather meant…’

The following is a true story!


The extreme weather meant that there was chaos everywhere. Schools closed, public transport put on shortened runs, plans cancelled.

The most frustrating part was the run up to the weekend. Were we going away or weren’t we? Curries and cakes were made, bags packed, maps acquired and routes planned – a low one for the kids, a medium one for most of the adults and a serious one with lots of caches for the hardened walkers.

And then a call from the Youth Hostel. ‘The weather is closing in, we can’t get on or off site, and a tree has come down on the drive!’



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4 responses to “100 Word Challenge #74

  1. how awful to be stuck at home! Thanks for sharing your story.


  2. Oh my – the best laid plans… And it sounds like you had planned for everything, except complete disaster. 😦


  3. So, what happened to the curries?
    I hope they didn’t go to waste.
    Frustration came through this by the lorry load!


    • I think mostly they are in freezers! I was lucky enough to be able to get to one friend’s house and we ate curry together on Saturday evening. Oh, and ate cake 🙂


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