CDP record 2013 – a work in progress

(for my CSciTeach)

s2.1 Work based learning
Mentor for new staff members – regarding subject leadership, reporting and recording procedures.

Lesson plan scrutiny – identifying good and not so good points on Science lesson plans and sharing this back with colleagues.

Moderation exercise (Feb, March)- this involved working as part of a small group to write assessment grids for Science at p7 and p8 and then working with pupil evidence from across my school to check that they were viable. They weren’t, so some amendments were made.

Sept 13 learning walks and feedback to staff. assisting with afl training

s2.2 Professional activity

January – I attended the ASE Conference in Reading for two days. During that time I attended sessions on ‘On line CPD’ -where I was asked to talk about some work that I took part in, Space – a keynote lecture from NSCL, Outdoor learning (rather disappointing) and Completing my CSciTeach application. I also took part in the #asetu, meeting other teachers who I otherwise knew from interactions on twitter and spent quite a lot of time in the conference exhibition.

As part of the conference, I blogged about my experiences, and these were highlighted by the ASE as one of the top 10 blogs to read!

Taking part in West Midlands Special Schools Science meetings – moderating and producing APP grids for use in asssessment. This led to me hosting one of the other teachers for half a day, so that she could see how we taught Science to our learners.

s2.3 Formal/educational

Half day course on ‘Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring’ (Jan 2013)

Teaching GCSE Science to adult learners

ASDAN – moderation refresher course, then leading a whole school, half day moderation exercise

Three INSET sessions on ‘Achievement for All’. Yes. And a further one 6 months later

July 2013 – half day course on ‘Creative teaching and learning for SMT’. Some interesting ideas, just need to be allowed to implement them now, please

Sept 13 two day team teach course

s2.4 Self directed learning

s2.5 Other (e.g. voluntary work)

Ongoing – I am the treasurer of our local Gateway group. This is a social club for adults with learning disabilities and is linked to Mencap. It is a voluntary role, of course. I collect money off club members each week, pay the bills, make sure we don’t go overdrawn (oops) and organise extra trips out. Currently, this includes trips to see the Scout Gangshow and Lion King.

Ongoing – I write monthly articles for #onfire, the Coventry Blaze fan magazine. This involves interviewing ice hockey players and turning their responses into a coherent article.

Ongoing – I am currently Assistant Manager for NIHL Blaze, the second ice hockey team in Coventry.  This involves registering players, producing team sheets for the games, collecting money off of them at training and putting out press releases about games and results as well as other news

EMM-tech course, one day (July 2013)


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