100 WCGU #72

A first attempt. It might be the last, but I hope not! The aim is to write 100 words as well as the stimulus, which this time was ‘you said you’d do WHAT?’


‘You said you’d do WHAT?’ she shouted at me as I passed.

‘Come on, it won’t take long’, I promised breathlessly. We were nearly there, nearly at the finishing line, and everyone was cheering our names. They were written on our t-shirts, it wasn’t like we were famous or anything.

There it was, in front of us, with a big timer on the top, telling us we’d only been running for 25 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime.

And there he was, waiting for us with a grin. I crossed the line, found him, dropped to one knee and asked him the important question.



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4 responses to “100 WCGU #72

  1. Great… I will try doing this. Romantic … sweaty and all… it says appreciate me and all that is important to me.


  2. Loved the unexpected ending. Hope you do come back and join in the 100WCGU often.


  3. http://thevoiceofsarahmiles.com

    Ah, I loved this! I was expecting a running time to be hit then WHAM! A proposal! Brilliant!


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