#aseconf exhibition

So, I spent Thursday afternoon wandering round the exhibition, answering the question ‘are you a teacher?’ and surprising a few with ‘yes, in an sld school’. Some were helpful, some tried to be but really weren’t right and others not at all. here’s a brief summary…

Learning Materials has lots of worksheets and scheme of work aimed at lower levels, not just science but everything. Worth a look and a great conference discount. There’s a .pdf CD to go with the materials so that you can use it on the whiteboard as well.

Wellcome trust were great. We once again had a good chat about their in the zone boxes and how I’d used the Primary one in a special setting. I blogged about that too.

Madscience although some activities pitched at the right end, very expensive for an hour long session – about £150. I wouldn’t want to put a lot of pupils in a session like that, so that’s a high cost/head.

Marwell zoo fantastic, resources in communicate in print, covering all levels. Worth a visit both on line to grab some materials to adapt and in person. It’s a shame it’s such a long way from us, the lady I met was so enthusiastic and told me that all of the staff know at least basic Makaton!

Ocr were helpful to chat about controlled assessment, pointing me to the exemplar materials and had some nice experiment cards to take away

British ecological society. some lovely wallcharts, but mostly too hard for my pupils to understand – I took a set anyway, since you never know when there will be a gap on the wall that needs filling!

Earth science education unit sadly, didn’t go low enough for my pupils – and Earth science doesn’t crop up much in p-levels either

Intellectual property office. Not at all relevant, but I picked up a pack for my Dad. It has Wallace and Gromit on it, so he might not get it after all 😉

Bmfa had some bits that might help support our science week on flight

British nutrition foundation had some lovely, accessible wallcharts.

Ciec might have some primary resources that can be adapted

Cleapps gave me a mug, but I didn’t really have anything to ask them. Must make sure I’m not the only one in school who reads the bulletin though.

Iop stickers, yeah.

I picked up some lovely posters on medicine from abpi and one on using hedges from the British Ecological Society

Royal Horticultural Society gave me two bags of goodies, one for a colleague, and a copy of their two reports on writing with sen

Teachitscience and it’s primary version might be of some use


ecoschools -where are you?

Crest awards and the rest offered by BSA. A massive missed opportunity, their stuff is great for sen

I must say, I didn’t stop at every stand. some were clearly not relevant. Others might have been, but the people on the stand were too busy taking amongst themselves to even say hello, so I moved on.



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  1. Would it be OK to host this blog on http://www.ase.org.uk in a review of comments made abotu ASE Annual Conference?


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