A term done

Wow, and what a term it’s been.  Staff out on long term sick meant a re-jig of those left behind and my class missed out once again. Deemed to be the ‘more able’ in the key stage, that apparently means they are the easiest to teach (!?) and so will cope with unfamiliar staff. At one point we had a new member of supply staff every day of the week! Not sure how this inconsistency means I make progress with them….? Anyway…

We were lucky enough to get six free ice skating lessons – I knew all that hanging around the rink would come in handy – and some of the class have excelled at this. It’s lovely to see the progress that they have made, and the confidence that they have gained. There’s the bonus of (more) free skating sessions to go with it, and we’re hoping to get a Skate UK Level 1 Award for some of them.

We also had the annual Christmas Pantomime, which took a lot of time and was quite good fun and then had two weeks of preparing for Christmas. Something else I can’t quite get my head around – and nor can my class. We’d run out of Christmassy things to do by the last day of term and had an hour to kill. I asked what they wanted to do and the unanimous choice was ‘maths’!




To round out the term, the staff music group once again got together and performed in assembly. I really don’t play my bassoon enough.


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