STEM second session

Ken came back this week to do our second STEM session on Flight.

One of the boys was really excited to see the ‘pilot’ again and didn’t want to know that Ken doesn’t actually fly! We started off revisiting the work that we had done the previous time, and then it was off outside with the tape measure. We discovered that a car/small plane going at 60mph would cross our playground in 1second. We then tried to find out how far a larger plane travelling at 600mph would go in 1 second. We got to the other edge of the field and that was still only half a second. Although the concept of timings is perhaps slightly too hard for some of our pupils, the visual and physical representation of walking up and down the field might have helped.

Back in the classroom we looked at wing shapes, with hairdryers and talked a little about how and where the air has to flow for a wing to ‘lift’. It was quite interesting, and the pupils all enjoyed joining in.

Our ‘homework’ for the next session is to build our own little aeroplanes from kits. The staff who are helping out are very¬†competitive and so we are going to have a competition to see who can get their plane to fly furthest. (Motor skills issues to be highlighted here, some of my students don’t have the coordination to throw a plane!))

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