CPD – MEd or not?

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, complete my masters. I’ve done bits over the years – G+T modules through Excellence in Citites/Oxford Brookes and an ASD module with Worcester University. I’ve never been organised enough to get more credits, and now it seems these are too old to be useful so I have to start again.

I started the conversation with school at the end of term. ‘Hypothetically’ they will give me the days I might need to attend sessions at a University to start with a coaching/mentoring type module. They can’t say if I’ll have to take them unpaid or not. I’d have to pay for my modules, one step at a time. And to top it all, my line manager said, ‘Are you sure you want to do this? It’s a lot of work. Have you thought about a middle leadership course instead?’

So, they won’t pay for my CPD. It seems they will penalise me for wanting to do high quality, career progressing CPD and then, as if that wasn’t enough, my line manager tries to put me off and suggests a course I’ve already done!?

Is it just where I am, or do others struggle to get support over CPD?


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  1. George

    You need to remember that it’s never in your employer’s best interests to increase your level of qualifications. They might want to upskill you to move to a different post but that is subtly different – if you have the skills but not the qualifications then it’s harder for you to move elsewhere for more money so it’s cheaper to retain you.

    You might decide to move elsewhere for more training opportunities but then you’ll have a trade off because the salary will probably be lower. In the current economic climate we also have more qualified people than there are jobs so there’s no incentive to offer training.


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