To the beach!

Some time back in May, when we were fresh from the Easter break, we decided that a day out would be a lovely way to begin the wind down  to the end of the summer term.
Somehow, though, as the most expeienced member of staff in the year team, the bulk of the oragnising fell to me. So, three minibuses, two cars a handful of parents and 40 packed lunches later we were off. The weather held, the kids had a lovely time, and interacted well with pupils from other schools who were also there.
Thirty pupils.with sld, asd, pmld have enjoyed paddling, feeling the sand between their toes and going on a variety of soft play/fun bus/trampolines. ALL of the pupils who are wheelchair users wee able to get out and have a paddle and play in the sand. After a picnic lunch, we had a boat ride and a mini train ride before heading back to school. It’s a shame sometimes to have to be constrained by the school day, but when you’ve got the transport home with you, there is no choice. Besides, the changing facilities weren’t great either!

We didn’t lose anyone, the staff and parents enjoyed themsleves too and once again we proved that the pupils who get the wettest in the water are the onds who didn’t bring a change of clothes.


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