Building up from the bottom

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Coventry Blaze director James Pease has shared with me some of the thinking about the Blaze rebuild, both in the season just gone and through the summer and beyond.

I thought rather than just offering my own ill-thought opinions on all things Blaze it would be good to carry the occasional interview, and where better to start than with the chap who suddenly seems to be at the centre of the action. James Pease is a Blaze lifer, coming through the Solihull system into the Blaze seniors, retiring young then coming out of retirement for the annual player crisis, dipping into the EPL with Milton Keynes and Telford but taking on a Blaze directorship and working with parts of the junior system. That is a topic in itself, but we can save that for another day, not least because by the time I’d done this bit I had to be…

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Cross stitch #3 day 36


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May 17, 2015 · 21:09

OCR science plus coursework

This half term we have been doing coursework. The experiment that was chosen was adding an indigestion tablet to acid and counting the bubbles that were produced.

Difficulties included – no decent response with 0.5M acid, but far too many bubbles with 1M.
– students couldn’t count the bubbles fast enough, even over 15 sec. In some cases they couldn’t count high enough!

Coursework ppt

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Cross stitch #6 day 5


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May 16, 2015 · 20:56

Shaun hunting (part 1)

You may remember that I went to find a number of Gromit statues back in 2013.

Well, now there’s a range of Shaun the Sheep ones, raising money and awareness for the same good cause, supporting children in hospitals. Only this time, the trail is bigger. Much bigger. There are 50 sheep in London at the moment, with a further 70 due to appear in Bristol at the beginning of July.

I went to London last weekend, with a group of wonderful teachers, the majority of whom I have met on twitter, and most of them I had previously met in real life too. We had a fantastic day, walking around London, enjoying the sites and hunting for sheep. It was great to switch off and be me again for a short while, not worrying about exams, results and the pending school move….There were also enough of us that there were lots of people to talk to as the (very long) day progressed. Apps downloaded and phones in hand we managed to collect 45 of the 50 sheep over the course of the day.

Here are some of my favourite photos that I took

DSCF2946 DSCF2960 DSCF2987 DSCF2995 DSCF2996 DSCF3076 DSCF3081 DSCF3082

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Cross stitch #3 day 35


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May 11, 2015 · 21:17

#100WCGU #151 – Rushing

The prompt for this week was ‘pink’


I rushed around the house, gathering discarded clothing from as many rooms as I had, aware that I also had a train to catch. Why did I always leave everything until the last minute? Had I got up earlier I could have done the housework properly, put the washing on and had time for breakfast.

As it was, the only thing I had time to do was shove the washing in the machine and turn it on before dashing out of the door.

Returning home some hours later, I was shocked to discover that all my whites had turned pink! That’ll teach me.

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