#100WCGU #148 – seaside

This week, the prompt was ‘…as the waves gently lapped…’


Finally, a week to myself and a chance to go somewhere to recharge. Living so far from the sea, a beach trip seemed like the obvious thing to do, so off to the South Coast it was, for some walking and to spend time near the water.
After checking in I set off for the Coastal Path, a chance to be on the very edge of the country.
It was so late the sun was setting and I stood to watch the horizon. As the waves gently lapped I sat mesmerised, not noticing that the tide was coming in around me and I was getting wet!

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Week 2 – non stop

So much going on this week I had to even cover my lessons!
Meetings for updates on progress with EHCP (nearly there say the LA), CLA meeting to write a PEP, multi-disciplinary meeting with a parent, a visit as part of my SENCo training and another to complete NQT Mentor training.
The work just seems to keep coming!
On the plus side, we interviewed two staff today for an internal secondment to SLT and were so impressed with both of them that we have offered them both posts, which should begin, I hope, to take away some of the workload I am currently experiencing.
To use an ice hockey analogy, I’ve done my shift but there’s currently no line mates to give me a break, so I just have to keep going.

I keep hoping that things will settle down and I can start to do my actual work, instead of firefighting and dealing with ‘can you just..?’ even when I’ve said I’m late for a meeting! I can’t see that happening until half term if I’m honest, so I’ll be keeping up swimming twice a week in order to help me process everything that is going on.

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I used to think… by @ASTSupportaali

Originally posted on NewToThePost:

After running my first training session of the year for the NQTs in my school today, I shared with them things that I do not remember hearing during my first training session as an NQT. (8 years ago…)

After the session I walked over to the classroom of a fellow AST and said…

Well that was strange. I just shared things that I never thought I would be.

So, in this short post I would like to share thoughts I genuinely and honestly used to think and practice.

I now know different. (Mostly thanks to Twitter.)

I used to think…

  • Differentiation meant a separate worksheet for all my students
  • Writing a lengthy lesson plan will impress my observer
  • ALL lessons had to be fun
  • Being liked was more important than following through with a sanction at times
  • If people didn’t work as hard as me they didn’t care
  • Lessons had…

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Thought I’d better blog some of the Science I’m doing!
-first we identified what shape (ish) planets are, and what we think the planets are called
-some struggled that the sun is a star, due to size (proximity)
– we had a look at pictures of the planets (top trumps from TES) and discussed the temperatures, reminding that – means really cold
– talked about why planets closer to sun are hotter

-had a go at this game (originally on BBC website, now not)
-learnt the word ‘orbit’

By the end we could all name at least three planets, some could give the order and most agreed the sun was a star and knew the word ‘orbit’

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So, new year, new challenges in and out of work. I’ve re-joined the swimming pool to help with stress levels – once a week wasn’t enough and now I can go on the way home from work, much better. Bonus being that Virgin Active have a teacher discount! Not having an iThing I can’t use the Speedo app and join #teamflipper so I shall keep a track here.

5/9 32 lengths (800m), 25 mins, breaststroke
8/9 20 lengths (500m)
11/9 40 lengths (1000m) breaststroke, 35 min
14/9 64 lengths (1600m) breaststoke, 50min in an empty pool with no stopping

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#100WCGU #146 – waiting

The prompt for 100 word challenge was ‘…with your going comes the past’


With your going come the past misdemeanors to light
We stand around in small groups
-remember when..?
the broken window playing cricket in the kitchen
the roller skating over the lock gates on the canal
the missing clothes from your mothers’ wardrobe.

The chance to catch up with those who we have, at one time, shared a life with
until we realise
next time we might not be there.
It might be our eulogy that is given in a cold church,
with little known hymns
and nobody singing anyway.

Keep in touch, see you soon
knowing that life takes over and we never will


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Week 1 – back to the start

It’s true, isn’t it? No matter how long you’ve been away for, how chilled you are, after a couple of days back it feels like you’ve never been away. And my goodness what a week it’s been.
Our HT is still off, and looking like he’s not coming back, so we’re down to an SLT of three. I’m the only one without ‘acting’ in front of my title. We’re also starting the consultation to become an academy. More on that to come, I’m sure.

Where to begin? I guess with exam results. 14/14 got GCSE passes in Science and a similar number in English, with some getting functional skills. All got Entry level in the core subjects and a range of others. The plan to enter all students for maths backfired, we only had 6 passes (19%).

Monday and Tuesday were INSET days. We went to the school of our supporting HT for the first day. Sadly, we hadn’t planned the workshops together and I felt like a spare part, thinking of all the better things I could be doing. However, it was lovely to see various members of staff from the other school who I have worked with in the past. Tuesday was much more positive in terms of what we accomplished back at school.

The students arrived back on Wednesday, along with our new Y7s we have four transients from mainstream elsewhere in the school. Some had more transition than others and it shows. One of the students is very damaged and is going to take a lot of work and understanding to sort out. I’m sure (I hope) we’ll get there.

As well as teaching some Science – hurrah, started with planets – I seem to have spent my whole week dealing with people “can you just”, “have you got a minute”…and as a result have done very little of my own work. I haven’t even had time to read the newly updated RAP. I’m sure, I hope, things will settle down and it won’t be this full on crazy all year.

Although, with a move to a new site due by summer, I can’t see things settling down that much!

We had an interesting conversation with the acting HT this week. They are very aware that there are only three of us instead of five, and even though it’s a small school there are still the same responsibilities as in a larger one. To that end they have told us that they won’t send late night emails, and if they do they don’t expect a reply! Also that we are to get the work-life balance right and stay mentally fit as they can’t cope if one of us goes down. To that end, I have renewed my swimming pool membership and intend to swim after work two nights a week, and on a weekend if I can manage, as well as my pilates lessons. It’s a great stress relief, with the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi being an added bonus!

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