#100WCGU #157 – moving

The prompt was ‘and so it begins’


The gavel rings out and so it begins.

Somehow, they’ve managed to buy a house at the auction. It wasn’t what they went for, but it’s what they got, and there’s a lot of work to be done. New wiring, plumbing, windows. There’s no central heating and the roof looks a bit ropey. They need to put in more insulation as well, and maybe a new front door.
Then there’s plastering, decorating, a new kitchen and bathroom and finally furniture. But what an exciting way to start their married life and a project to fill the void left now that the wedding is done.

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#100WCGU #158 – baking

The prompt for this was ‘…those special berries…’









-Sugar…Now what?

-Now you mix it all up, put some effort in, keep mixing until you can’t tell that it was butter, sugar, flour and eggs just a moment ago. Have you decided what else we’re going to put in this cake?

-Hmm, how about some of those special berries Grandad lets me have sometimes?

-Which ones would those be? I don’t have any berries in my kitchen. Have a look for me…

-Here, Nanna, these ones. The brown ones.

-Oh my dear, they are not berries, they are chocolate drops! You wait until your Grandad gets home!

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#100WCGU #159 – lost

This week the prompt was ‘…I need to remember…’


Suddenly, she looked up. She was lost in the maze of shops that made up this lovely seaside town. I need to remember just how I got here, she thought. Otherwise, she knew she had little chance of finding her way back to the car once she was done.

How could she be so silly, how had she got so distracted?

She was weighed down with bags – jewellery, dresses, books. She took a deep breath and looked around. Making a decision, she headed down hill, hoping that would bring her out at the beach and from there she should be able to find her way.

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Making a talking, braille feely book

Originally posted on Mrs B's Room:

I recently made a touchy feely, talking, braille book for a student.

I decided on a nativity theme- each page had a single recorded word matched with a single braille word and then a tecture to match. The pages included

‘hay’ a ziplock bag of hay gaffa taped in

‘Tinsel’ and ‘Christmas tree’- small pieces of tinsel and piece of pine tree taped in using double sided tape

‘Present’- a bow stuck on

‘Christmas’- a sandwich bag filled with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and star anise with a few very small holes in it to let out the scent.

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcTTwGyS86oEEOg8j2-h-44cp9ZUbTg9WP5DNOGZQVg6tbFbLHQ0&usqp=CAEWe used one of these a5 recordable albums as it has a button to press on each page. On the rear of each page I recorded a snatch of christmas music

This is the braille label maker we use- it works really well as long as you press hard enough to…

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December 2014


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December 2, 2014 · 11:21

#100WCGU #156 – knitting

The prompt this week was another photo

Up, under, round and twist.
Up, under, round and twist.

She sat, repeating the mantra, tongue out in concentration, trying to get the hang of knitting. Everyone said it was easy, but she was finding it a massive challenge. Manipulating two needles and the wool, without letting the ball escape from her lap and roll under the chair, was just too hard and the stitches were not exactly the neatest. It looked like a saggy dishcloth.

No, she must be positive. She looked for inspiration, glancing out the window. There on the fence was a spiders web. Yes, that’s better.

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#100WCGU #155 – making

The prompt this week was ‘…read the instructions…’


I’ve read the instructions – well, as much as I can because there are no words on them. It’s just pictures, to allow for this multicultural society in which we live, I guess.
I’ve matched the parts I had with the pictures on the paperwork, and tried to work out what they all were and where they should all go.
Despite that, it hasn’t worked. I’ve got a very wonky chest of drawers, with a drawer that doesn’t open and a couple of spare bits left over.
When did making up your own furniture become so complicated? I think I’ll buy it ready made next time!

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